Welcome to Grange Woodbine Football Club Founded in 1973


Grange Woodbine F.C are looking for players of all ages to add to already existing teams and if possible start up new teams. Players can be players who are not playing with any team today or even players playing with other teams as a new transfer window will start August 1st to August 31st allowing players to move between teams.

Training will resume in August for all teams following summer break.

Grange Woodbine currently have teams in following age groups and are also looking at forming new Senior and Under 20 teams.


Under 8 – Kids born in 2009

Under 9 – kids born in 2008

Under 10 – kids born in 2007

Under 12 – kids born in 2005

Under 13 – kids born in 2004


If interested please contact a member of the committee or please refer to team section on the website for information on how to contact team managers.




Founded 1973